Day 12: Eight days a week (describe a typical day in your current life)

There is no such thing as a typical day in my current life. I don’t really have a set schedule. If I have to work in the morning I get up at 8am and go to work, but if I end up with a closing shift it is very likely that I will sleep until like 11:30 and go to work at 2. And if I have the say off, it’s likely that I will sleep until 11:30.

I usually work. That’s suuuper fun. At least I enjoy the company of the people that I work with, but I’m not entirely sure that selling cupcakes is my calling in life. If I’m opening the shoppe, I get up and go in at 9am. I work until usually 5, and then I come home and eat. (This process is exactly the same if I’m closing only it starts much later in the day, like roughly 11:30-ish). Up until today I would come home and turn the Olympics on, now I will come home and watch Supernatural (until I finish the series, which will probably be in September, which means it will be time for Friday Night Lights). Unfortunately I don’t sleep that well at night (even when I have gotten up early in the morning), so I’m up until roughly 2am either a.) watching tv b.) looking at things on pinterest c.) looking at things on craigslist d.) stalking people, or any combination of the before mentioned.

A lot of my time is also devoted to trying to find a way to get the job I actually want. So I’m trying to track down contact info for tour managers and other important people. So far, I’ve tracked down a lot of info, but haven’t really had much real luck after that.

If I have the day off, I spend it at the mall (because there is air-conditioning there), or occasionally at the beach (it’s such a hassle to get to though, and there are so many children, so that doesn’t happen often), sometimes I go hang out with George and/or Amber, but usually I just spend it at home in my pajamas (I know what you’re thinking, man, she is fun!).

Pepper in some phone calls with my mom and other family/friends and you’ve got my typical day: work, food, TV on dvd/internet, sleep. Repeat.

*Disclaimer*My life would be more exciting if I had some wingmen here, or possibly if I wasn’t poor and a teeny bit lazy, and my being anti-social doesn’t really help either. It would also be more exciting if I was on the road with a band.

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One thought on “Day 12: Eight days a week (describe a typical day in your current life)

  1. school will start soon there, won’t it??? then there won’t be as many children at the beach!

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