Not today.

Today is the one year anniversary of my freedom from a corrupt environment. Today, one year ago I called my mom at approximately 10:30am crying hysterically because I thought something really bad had happened to me. But as it turns out, it was really one of those things they call a blessing in disguise.

Starting February 23, 2017 I was no longer ridiculed and made to feel ashamed of the way I choose to present myself, or that my physical appearance made me a target.

Starting February 23, 2017 I was no longer made to feel like my age was a driving force in the way I deserved to be treated, or that my age determined the worth of my contributions.

Starting February 23, 2017 I was no longer forced to take responsibility for the missteps of other people, or blamed for someone else’s poor choices.

Starting February 23, 2017 I no longer had to keep the confidentialities of people with no integrity, or participate in cover-ups to perpetuate a “good ‘ole boys” system.

Starting February 23, 2017 I no longer had to walk on eggshells while doing my job so as not to upset anyone at home, or be guilted into believing it was my fault people’s home-lives were bad.

Starting February 23, 2017 people in leadership stopped talking to me condescendingly. Those people in leadership stopped expecting me compensate for the laziness of others.

Starting February 23, 2017 I no longer had to put up with unequal and unfair treatment day in and day out, or stifle my opinions and thoughts because I was “too emotional.”

I loved my old job. For a while. Until it became clear to me that my age, gender, and physical appearance were going to be used against me at every opportunity by people with no conscience.

But I am happy to report that it looks like my replacement is not being put though the same mess I was. She’s been given all kind of liberties that were never afforded to me. Which, to be honest, really makes me mad because it’s not fair. And I just want things in life to be fair, though they rarely are. I’m 28-years old and still coming to terms with that fact.

I am also happy to report that I am happy now, too. And I find myself now really grateful for that push out the door, because otherwise I might still be there, making excuses for their behavior and my mistreatment. And I stayed quiet on a public front for a long time (a whole year to be exact), because it’s a small community and I was trying to be careful to not tarnish my long-standing good reputation (how silly is that, to worry about being punished for the transgressions of others?), but I can’t do it today.


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