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Writing the “about me” section is the hardest thing about creating a website, you know, minus all that fun CSS and HTML codes (which to me is only code for “you should have paid more attention in web design 101”). How on earth do I sum myself up in few enough words to keep people’s attention, but still giving them enough information to feel like they know me? Without Twitter laying down the law at 140 characters or less it’s likely that I will ramble on forever.

Exhibit A:

My name is Misty Clay.

I was born on August 16, 1989.

I’m the third child, and the baby of the family. I have an older brother and an older sister, who are both married with children. I have 5 nieces and a nephew. I have a big, close-knit family. We’re not Italian, but I bet we could give them a run for their money.

I grew up in small-town America. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

In high school I was the resident photographer. I think I photographed my entire senior yearbook (and most of the my junior one, too). It was fun. I picked up a camera for the first time my freshmen year, and I haven’t put it down since. My fascination with pictures started as a way to stalk some boy without it being obvious to him. The boy was a year older than me and played sports, so I figured being the yearbook photographer was a good way to stalk him incognito. It totally worked (I think, he’s never said anything to me about it…but he wasn’t really the talking type back then).

Then, to my surprise I discovered that I was actually pretty good at the whole picture taking thing. Soon, I had everyone asking me to watch them and take their pictures (though never the boy it all started with). It became a tradition to pass my pictures around school after every game (of every sport: football, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball). I printed so many pictures back then. It was fun for me. It was before I knew what I wanted to do with my life and it was before I actually started to get critical of my photos. If it was clear (or even halfway clear), it was good.

College is when I got serious about things — errr —sorta. It is where I discovered social media and got more serious about pictures, so I suppose that kind of counts.

I went to college at a small Christian school called Evangel University, located in Springfield, Missouri.  I spent my time in college doing what most other college students do, attempting to find that magic break-even point between, sleep, good grades and a social life. I never found it. Usually sleep was the first thing to go. I spent all three of my years in college as a zombie. Along with trying to balance those things I was also the features editor for the newspaper, I worked as creative director on the radio staff, I was floor VP (and president after my roommate left), and I was the resident entertainment know-it-all.  Music and movies were my thing (and still are).

While doing the whole college thing and starting to hone my photography skills, I discovered the importance of social media and the connection it can create between those who seem unreachable and their adoring fan bases. And I decided that’s where I wanted to work.  Somewhere in the thick of social media; taking pictures, tweeting and blogging.

I have this ultimate dream of having a blog that goes behind the curtain to help build that level of intimacy by giving fans a never before scene side of things. I know that’s probably far off because in order to have a successful blog you have to have a readership, and that’s something I’m still working on.

But it’ll happen. Trust me. 

But, while we’re all patiently waiting, please feel free to look around. Read some of my past blogs (you never know what you might find there), and check out my pictures. And I’m always open to feed back and discussion, so if you stumble across something that makes you want to say something, I’m all ears.

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