#GratiTuesday: Evan James

Today is my one and only nephew’s 13th birthday, and today’s GratiTuesday (yesterdays….technicalities) goes out to him.FullSizeRender

To be real honest, I never really know what to do with Evan. He’s a good kid, but he doesn’t like make-up, shoes, or painting his nails, so my aunting skills are basically useless with him.IMG_3004





The only thing we can agree on is dinosaurs.

He picks on his sisters, but what brother doesn’t? Despite that, I think he is still kind for a 13-year-old boy (and sometimes his sisters deserve it). He makes friends easily and works hard. He can draw and can invent and fabricate things I would never think of trying or creating.

He is the only reason I even contemplate going to baseball games, and he is my favorite outdoorsman.

Happy birthday, Evan. I love you!


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