#GratiTuesday: “Six billion souls. And sometimes all you need is one.”

Last Tuesday was the birthday of one of my best friends. We went to dinner and then went bowling. Because we are adults and those are the things we like to do.

Kendall is one of the genuinely kindest people I’ve ever known. Sometimes she’s so kind that it makes me mad. Kendall would literally give you anything she had if you needed it. She would do anything in her power to help you, and she will never turn away a prayer request. (I’m sure there’s been many times when Kendall’s prayers have, unbeknownst to me, intervened on my behalf in crisis times…or really anytime).

She has the sweetest disposition in life, which is why sometimes I can’t figure out what makes her like me so much. The thing about sweet people is that sometimes they are hard to be friends with. Yes, you like them, but you can never actually be friends with them. Kendall is not this way. She is sweet, but also sarcastic and funny. She is sweet, but also relatable.

We tried to calculate the other day how long we had actually been friends, and it was a long time. Approximately like 18-ish years (since fourth grade, but math is hard, so I just started guessing — also, fortunately for all of us, our awkward middle school and elementary school selves were not well photographed). That’s a long time to have someone in your life who’s not attached to you by blood. And I am grateful for every day that I’ve had her. She brightens my life with her humor and blesses my life with her spirit. And I hope there never comes a day when she’s no longer a top-tier member of my life.

Kendall is currently attending The Ramp ministry school in Hamilton, Alabama, and if you’d like to donate to her world-and-heart-changing mission, you can do so here: https://theramp.org/students/index.php. And by donating to her, I promise you, that money won’t be a waste. God has major plans for her. She can lead people in to worship, and that is one of the greatest gifts anyone can have.

I love you, Kendall! Happy #GratiTuesday!

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