Day 24: We are family. (describe your family dynamic of your childhood vs. now)

Are we talking immediate family, or does this include extended family? Because those are four, possibly six different dynamics.

This question maker lady needs to start getting more specific on things.

I think this question is a little hard because there is no clear change of dynamic. It’s not like there’s a dramatic change between my family dynamic from when I was a child to what it is now. It’s not like I have my own family or anything. Things are different now because I’m older, but I think the general dynamic is the same.

When I was a younger, my family dynamic was good I guess. When I was little my dad and I got along (for the most part, we’re a lot alike, so we sometimes butted heads on things). So did my mom and I. My parents disciplined me (well, sort of, I never really needed my disciplining), and they loved me. My brother and I got along. And so did my sister and I. My siblings always lived with my Granny and Papa, so I grew up in the house as an only child. It wasn’t like I thought I was an only child though, I knew my brother and sister. I spent lots time with them. I just never lived with them, and because I didn’t know any different, that wasn’t weird to me (I honestly think because we didn’t live together is probably the reason that we get a long so well now). My dad was always pretty reserved, and because my siblings are technically only half siblings, he wasn’t really a part of the whole big family things. It’s just hard to explain. We weren’t the typical atomic family, but I was happy.

Now days not only is my family my family, but they are also my friends. Yes, my parents are still my parents, but they understand that I’m an adult, and they treat me that way. They talk to me like I’m a person and not like I’m a kid. My mom is my best friend (as I’m sure I stated in an earlier post), and my dad and I get along really well. My brother and sister are also two of my best friends (along with my sister-in-law and brother-in-law). I know that I can always count on them for anything. There isn’t one person I would hesitate to go to for anything. But it’s always been like that. Now I have my nieces and nephew (who I adore) so I got to add the title of aunt to my resume, and my mom gets to be a grandma, so I guess in that aspect the dynamics have changed. And now my dad is a bit more opened up, so he’s more a part of everything these days (which is a little ironic because now I’m not because I’m all the way out here in SoCal). The children add playful and fun and exciting dynamic to the family. They are all so different and it’s cool to have different types of relationships with each kid based on that child’s personality. But I have no favorite, they are all my favorites. I just enjoy being Aunt Mimi to them all.

I truly have a great family. I always see people quarreling with their families, or people who aren’t close with them, and that’s just weird to me. My family has always been tight knit, so I have a hard time understanding families that aren’t. I wouldn’t trade a member of my family for anything.

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