Day 23: List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them

Hobbies. Hmm, what do I like to do with my time. Does sleeping count? What about stalking people, can that count as a hobby?

#1. Writing. I’m going to go ahead and call this a hobby. I mean, I don’t exactly do it very often, but when I do write, I usually enjoy it. It’s not like I write books, or short stories or anything, not even poems like my sister, but I like to write blogs and things. I like to share my opinions on things, and I like to give commentary on things (me giving commentary on things should probably have it’s own number). I’m definitely not the best writer out there. I’m not even the best writer I know. I don’t even crack the top 10 of the best writers I know, but I’ve been told that I have a “voice” that is my own, so I’ll take that as a good thing. I enjoy writing because I can say whatever I want, and there’s an edit option. I can rewrite things that sound bad or come out wrong, or delete things that I don’t like, whereas in talking, there is no edit. I don’t always have time to craft the perfect response when I’m talking to someone, where I can when I write. And once you say something, it’s out there forever, there is not backspace.

#2. Reading. I love reading. It’s seriously my favorite pastime. I would read all the time if I could. One time I told someone this, and they acted like they were surprised I could even read. Um, do I come across as being that uneducated or uncultured? If I do, someone please tell me! What’s not to love about reading? For those few pages you get to escape your world. You get to be someone else, live somewhere else, and experience the life of someone else. It’s the coolest thing ever. I don’t even have a a favorite genre because I can read anything and be perfectly content. Book stores are the worst place for me to go, because I want to buy everything. I would own a bazillion books if I a.) had the money and b.) had the space to store them. One day I’m going to have a library.

#3. Baking. Brownies. Cookies. Cobblers. Cakes. Breads. Pies. You name it, and I will bake it. Mixing things together, measuring things out, smelling the lovely aroma from the oven, it’s my favorite (plus I get to wear a cute apron)! I didn’t even know I was good at baking until like 6 months ago, but as it turns out I am actually a decent baker (just call me Mrs. Peeta Mellark). Mostly I bake because I like to eat baked goods, but also because it’s always a challenge to see if it will come out good. I haven’t really tried my hand at cooking too much real food, but that’s next on the list, and I figure it can’t be that hard to follow directions.

#4. Movies. Is this a hobby? I suppose it is. Watching movies (and TV shows) is also another thing I enjoy doing. I don’t discriminate based on genre, actor, or critic appeal. I’ll watch anything. I just like to watch movies. Basically it’s for the same reason that I like to read, it’s an escape from reality. Mostly I like funny movies or tv shows, but I do like scary things, and I suppose some drama, action/adventure and romance are welcomed too, I do try to avoid weepy things though. Who wants to escape to a reality where people are sad?

#5. Watching people get married. I know you think I’m kidding, but I’m not. I have been a bridesmaid 8 times, and I am only 23-years-old. I am going to be Katherine Heigl from 27 Dresses (which is perfectly fine with me if there is a James Marsden waiting for me). I’ve been to like 100 weddings. It’s beginning to get ridiculous. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for my friends that are getting married, but did all of you have to get married at the same time? My facebook newsfeed is basically just a list of weddings and engagements (with all the accompanying pictures). Not kidding. I may be the only person at my 5 year high school reunion who is not married. Sometimes I honestly don’t recognize people on my page because I’ve forgotten that their last names have changed. Soon I won’t know who anybody is.


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