Day 9: Describe your most embarrassing moment

My life is just a series of embarrassing moments. Every. single. day. I could not even begin to pick any one that is on top of the list. Seriously. If you know me at all, you are well aware that I awkward in human form. I trip all the time. I run into things. I make dumb assumptions. I don’t always think before I speak, so I sometimes say stupid things. One time I asked Joe Jonas if I could hug him…and that was pretty embarrassing (at least he said yes, otherwise I would have been mortified).

The good thing though is that now I am basically immune to getting embarrassed. Things happen to me so often that I’m desensitized to it.

I’m sorry to disappoint, but I honestly can not think of one that would be entertaining enough to write about. But if you can think of any embarrassing moments for me that you happened to witness, please feel free to share them.

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