Day Two: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. I’m afraid I’ll never get married. I have this fear that I am somehow defective and I am doomed to be alone my whole life. I’m concerned that I will never find that someone that I want to spend forever with. I guess I’m less concerned about not getting married and more concerned about never falling in love. I just want to want to be with someone forever. I want them to want me forever. I’m that girl that guys are good friends with, but don’t actually want to be with. What’s strange is that every guy that I’ve dated/sort of dated/had a thing with/whatever is now married. So apparently there is something about me that makes guys want to get married…just not to me.

2. I’m afraid of being a failure. I understand that we can’t be successful at everything we try, but I’m not talking like little failure, I’m talking like failing on a massive scale. Not being able to decide what I want to do with my life. Not getting a good job. Working mindless shift jobs the rest of my life. Not getting married. Not being talented enough. Not figuring out my calling. Not being kind enough. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Not saying the right thing at the right time. Being the cause of global warming and killing all the polar bears. Not being pretty enough. Not serving God in all aspects of my life. Not reading enough books. Not saving enough lives. Not being smart enough. Not doing things that are worth-while. Not creating something with meaning for someone. Failing at life is probably my greatest fear.

3. This may seem a bit childish, but I’m afraid of the dark. Mostly I’m afraid of what could possibly be in the dark. I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that the dark is not usually empty. It provides the perfect cloak for everything from masked murderers to spiders. And if you talked to a psychiatrist/psychologist they’d probably tell you that my fear of the dark is my fear of the unknown manifesting itself, and I’d believe that.

Honorable mentions: Sharks. Tonados. Melanoma.

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