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Duck, duck, duck, duck….goose

I am just as tired as you are about hearing about Phil Robertson. I’m not even sure why we are talking about him, to be honest. An individual’s beliefs should not even be a talking point these days. But yet, here we are in the end of 2013 STILL discussing how WE think WE are right. No matter what side you are on, you think you’re right. Which I guess is human nature…if you’re five-years old.

Here is the only problem with everything that is going on with Mr. Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty, and it has absolutely nothing to do with what he says, or the fact that he was banned from his very popular show. It has everything to do with our views on equality. Equality means that everyone has the right to do and say whatever they feel without fear of persecution. And the fact that this is a front page, top-tier news story proves just how skewed the public’s view of equality is these days.

For the record, before you judge me and stick me off to the side, and think I am some kind of hater or angry person, I just want to say that I am actually in support of same-sex relationships. Don’t misunderstand me, it’s not that I encourage it, but I think who an individual loves is none of my business. Who they love does not affect me in any way, shape, or form, so why should I try to dictate it or be offended by it? You know what offends me more than same-sex marriage? The fact that Kim Kardashian can get married for 72 days and nobody bats an eyelash at it. That is more offensive to my future marriage than Ellen and Portia being married.

If they love them, they love them and that is all there is to it. SIDE NOTE: Lots of homosexual people are actually a whole lot better at the love game than lots heterosexual people, because it’s so much more work for them than it is for heterosexuals. When you are homosexual, you have to fight to love who you love, which I think is probably a bonding factor. But when you are heterosexual, people become disposable because it’s just so darn easy.

The real problem here is that he is being criticized and condemned of hate because he expressed an opinion. It’s not that he was kicked off the show, because as a company A&E has every right to kick him off if he breached his contract or they don’t approve of something he says or does. Since A&E is not the government (I’m pretty sure), it has absolutely nothing to do with his First Amendment right. His job with A&E was an elected privilege, not a right. The problem is that having a belief or voicing a belief should not be something that is even written in a contract, or be something that can be approved or disapproved of, it should just exist.

Just as liberals are given the right to express their opinion that they agree with same-sex partnership, and they expect to be accepted, Phil Robertson has every right to disagree with them, and expect his opinion be accepted.

As a whole, the LGBT community preaches tolerance, which is a good thing. The issue that arises is that tolerance is preached, but not practiced. The LGBT community wants every one to be tolerant of their views on life and love, but they are often times intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them or has different views than them. (And I do’t mean to call them out specifically, but that is where the subject matter is at today.) Which is not okay. If you preach tolerance, you must also practice tolerance, which is putting up with stuff you don’t agree with and not crying hate every time someone says something that offends you.

Example: If you know me at all, you know that I am a little bit in love with Justin Timberlake. Okay, a “little bit” is probably a bit of a lie. I straight up adore JT. But, on his new album in the song Cabaret he has a line where he says “got you sayin’ Jesus so much it’s like we’re laying in a manger.” Um, as a Christian that is INCREDIBLY offensive to me. But do you hear me (or Christians everywhere) crying hate against JT because he is mocking Christianity? No. I either a.) ignore it, or b.) skip the song. (Just so we are all clear, this is NOT me hating on JT, I love him and I will probably never speak to you again if you try to pin JT hate on me.)

Just take a minute to think about it. Look at it from the point of, if someone on a really popular reality show revealed that they were homosexual and was then suspended indefinitely for that reason only, not because they went on a wild rant and for real slandered hate everywhere, or were caught executing heterosexual people, but they were suspended solely because they believed in homosexuality, that would be considered discrimination and people would be up-in-arms about it. Essentially this is the exact same situation, only opposite. Phil Robertson is being discriminated against because of his beliefs, and that is not okay. Discrimination is never okay, not matter the subject matter: race, sexual-orientation, religious beliefs. Doesn’t matter, not okay.

We’ve all come too far with equality to let these little things tear down everything that has been built up. I think as a whole the human race probably needs to develop some thicker skin. People are always going to say things that you find hurtful or offensive, just learn to roll with it. Also, while we’re at it, maybe we can also learn some compassion?

Here’s the big kicker,the thing that I can’t seem to wrap my head around…there are so many different channels to watch, magazines to read, and music to listen, that it just seems crazy to me that we can spend so much time arguing over something so easily avoided. If you don’t like what you see on TV, change the channel. If you don’t like what you’re reading in a magazine, put it down. If you don’t like what you’re hearing, skip the song. It sounds pretty basic and easy to me.

You cannot fight hate and discrimination with hate and discrimination.

If you want tolerance, then practice tolerance.

If you want equality, then practice equality. 

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Day 22: I look once more, just around the riverbend! (where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? 15 years?)

Oh man. The future is a scary place. I still remember when it was so abstract. It was always something I was planning for, but what do I do now that it’s actually here? And now that I’m really planning for it? It’s scary, I tell you. It’s still pretty abstract to me. I like to dream about the future, but most of what I dream about is not even in the realm of reality. I like to think about an ideal future, so I’m never actually thinking about where I actually see myself in the future. I know where I want to be ideally, but I have a hard time picturing the reality of where I might be.

Who knows where I’ll be. I have so many scenarios in my head that I find it hard to even begin to predict where I’m going to be just next year, or even next month. Right now my life has so many question marks in it. There are so many variables that could have a major impact. Small things and choices that could take me from one path to a totally different one.

Predicting my future is like predicting an earthquake, you think you’ve got the pattern figured out, but really it’s a total surprise every single time. But here’s how I’m predicting my future today, but it could change tomorrow, or three minutes from now.

5 years from now. It will be 2017. I will be 28-years-old. 

What the heck? I thought 23 was old. 28 is older. That’s almost 30. I never picture myself that old. Somehow in my head I’m eternally like 21, looks like I’m going to have to marry a vampire (that’s a joke, just fyi, I’d never marry a vampire, a werewolf maybe, but never a vampire). By the time I’m 28 I hope to have a real career. In something that I love. Hopefully I’ll be taking pictures professionally. I hope to be on tour with a band by that time (Case two: or working for a football team as their team photographer, traveling with the team, still sort of like being on tour). I see myself traveling the world. Planes, trains and automobiles are definitely going to be a part of my life right now. If not for my career, then for some other reason. I may not be totally financially stable at this time, because I’m probably still going to think I’m a kid. Or maybe I will be? Perhaps I’ll be married, perhaps I’ll be engaged or dating someone seriously (perhaps in some kind of convent), who knows? Definitely no children at this point (unless I’ve managed to snag Zac Efron, or someone of that caliber of attractiveness, and I’m forced to reproduce as many times as possible to make the world a more beautiful place one baby at a time). I still plan on being the coolest aunt possible. Unless one of my siblings reproduces again, my youngest niece will be  6 and my oldest will be 16, with everyone else filling in the space. I definitely see them traveling with me.

10 years from now. It will be 2022. I will be 33-years-old.

I seriously hope to be married by this point in my life. I want to be a young bride, and I don’t want to have all these individual memories of my life. I want to have them with my husband, and 33 years is already a lot of individual memories. Hopefully he and I will be working together. He can do whatever he wants, but maybe he’ll be in a band (or case two scenario, maybe he’ll be a football player). Or I guess he can do something else, but depending on what his job is we might not be spending a lot of time together (and that would be very sad), because I still want to be on tour. So it would obviously be ideal if he was some kind of musician (or athlete), or at least did some kind of behind-the-scenes work (like me) too so that we could be on the road together. Though I still want to be on tour, and I definitely want to still be traveling the world (I’m always going to be traveling) I’d also like to have a home by this time. I for sure don’t want to be in LA anymore (at least not permanently, maybe working here sometimes). I want to own a beach house in North Carolina, even if it’s just a small one. Somewhere that is cozy and personal. And barring some kind of crazy stint of craziness, I’ll 100% financially stable by now.

15 years from now. It will 2027. I will be 38-years-old.

What? 38-years-old? What happened? 38 is almost 40! And 40 is over the hill. That is ridiculous. By this time I will either be married, or I will have checked myself into a nunnery. If I decide to have kids, I will probably already have had them. They’ll probably be toddlers at this point (and hopefully they’ll be boys). Which means that I’m not longer touring the world (unless I’m touring it with my husband as a full-time wife and possibly part-time photographer), and probably living in North Carolina, or at least somewhere in the south/midwest. If I’m going to raise kids, I want to raise them in that type of environment. Not in LA, or in DC, or NYC, I want to raise them somewhere where people are real, polite and safe. Hopefully I’ll have a bigger beach house. I’d like to be wealthy by this point. Not disgustingly wealthy, but comfortably wealthy. Where I can live comfortably and also take care of the other people in my life. I want to still be taking pictures, but maybe not in such a dedicated manner. Like, maybe just for special events. Hopefully I will have made such an impact in the world of photography that my name will be recognizable and people will seek me out to cover things for them. Like maybe just certain concerts (or games), and things like award shows (or the Superbowl). I just want to be settled and comfortable in life by this point.

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Day Two: Describe 3 legitimate fears you have and explain how they became fears.

1. I’m afraid I’ll never get married. I have this fear that I am somehow defective and I am doomed to be alone my whole life. I’m concerned that I will never find that someone that I want to spend forever with. I guess I’m less concerned about not getting married and more concerned about never falling in love. I just want to want to be with someone forever. I want them to want me forever. I’m that girl that guys are good friends with, but don’t actually want to be with. What’s strange is that every guy that I’ve dated/sort of dated/had a thing with/whatever is now married. So apparently there is something about me that makes guys want to get married…just not to me.

2. I’m afraid of being a failure. I understand that we can’t be successful at everything we try, but I’m not talking like little failure, I’m talking like failing on a massive scale. Not being able to decide what I want to do with my life. Not getting a good job. Working mindless shift jobs the rest of my life. Not getting married. Not being talented enough. Not figuring out my calling. Not being kind enough. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. Not saying the right thing at the right time. Being the cause of global warming and killing all the polar bears. Not being pretty enough. Not serving God in all aspects of my life. Not reading enough books. Not saving enough lives. Not being smart enough. Not doing things that are worth-while. Not creating something with meaning for someone. Failing at life is probably my greatest fear.

3. This may seem a bit childish, but I’m afraid of the dark. Mostly I’m afraid of what could possibly be in the dark. I’ve seen enough scary movies to know that the dark is not usually empty. It provides the perfect cloak for everything from masked murderers to spiders. And if you talked to a psychiatrist/psychologist they’d probably tell you that my fear of the dark is my fear of the unknown manifesting itself, and I’d believe that.

Honorable mentions: Sharks. Tonados. Melanoma.

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Day 1: A Silhouette of Me (20 Random Facts)

1. I am undeserving of grace, but have a God who is merciful enough to extend it to me anyway.

2. I want to pack up and move to Iceland one day.

3. Boybands are my favorite genre of music.

4. I love my family more than anything. If you don’t have a close-knit family, you missed out.

5. As a general rule, I hate people. They are rude, self-centered and have a false sense of entitlement (not everyone, but as far as stereotyping a species goes…).

6. I’m a concert junkie. I will go see basically any band live just because I love the feel of live shows. I love feeling the baseline and drum beat in my ribcage. (There was a trending topic on twitter the other day, #PeopleIHaveSeenLive, and I tallied up mine, and I came to 50 different acts, and those were just the ones I could remember, and not counting artists I’ve seen multiple times).

7. I made it 22 years never having done a load of laundry. Up until I moved to California 6 months ago I had never touched a washer. I had to google how to do laundry.

8. I love television. Well, sort of. I love TV on DVD. I love movies, but I think I like TV better because I get to know the characters more and I get to become attached to them.

9. I love superheroes. Not the comic books (I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever even a comic book in real life), I’m not cool enough for that, but I do love superhero movies (and TV shows…or at least Smallville).

10. I like to consider myself a pretty decent photographer, but I hate to edit pictures. I’m a firm believer in just taking a good picture that needs little to no editing.

11. I would wear dresses everyday if I could.

12. Football is my favorite sport. No contest. In high school I wanted to play, but I wasn’t allowed, so I settled for taking pictures from the sidelines every Friday night. Every Sunday I will sit in front of my television for hours watching any game. I’m a hardcore Chiefs fan (and if you know anything at all about football, you know how rough that is). I hate the Broncos, Peyton Manning, Tony Romo and his Cowboys, and the Steelers, but I’m pretty easy going about everyone else. Some part of me wants to coach high school football at some point in my life, but I’m thinking that’s probably a long shot.

13. I love to bake.

14. I’m an introvert who sometimes masquerades as an extrovert (but only when I have to).

15. I can’t wait to get married. Not that I have any prospects at the moment (please, no one misinterpret that one), but I’m really looking forward to it. But I have a stipulation. Call me vain, but if I can’t get married while I’m young and pretty (and my bridal party is hott) then I don’t want to at all. Let’s get a move on, clocks ticking, boys.

16. Harry Potter will always be one of my best friends.

17. The Lion King is my comfort movie. I watch it when I’m sad, or when I’m scared. I watch it when I’m content with life, or when I can’t fall asleep at night. It basically has permanent residency in my Blu-Ray player.

18. My favorite number is three.

19. I am always hot. I’m pretty sure my body temperature runs at least 2 degrees hotter than what’s natural (ask anyone who has ever been in close quarters with me). I am basically a space heater. It’s miserable.

20. Polar bears are the best animal ever. And if science ever figures out a way to genetically alter them so that they only grow as big as a dog, I will have one. I may get one anyway.

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