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Day 8: “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” – Benjamin Franklin (what are 5 passions that you have)

I feel like this is a little bit confusing. I have a lot of passions. I’m passionate about a lot of things, but the question makes me want to list hobbies type things that I’m passionate about, so I’m not real sure how to handle this. I guess I’ll randomly pick some stuff.

1. My beliefs. I’m pretty passionate about everything I believe in. Whether that be God, freedom, dreams, or what I believe to be right and wrong (and my opinions). If I believe in something, I am passionate about it. I don’t do any of this halfway crap. Unless you’re very close to me, I might not share with you all the things that I’m passionate about, but rest assured, those passionate beliefs are there.

2. Photos. I just love pictures. I can’t even do everyday things without at some point imagining how to frame the picture. It’s pretty crazy. That’s apparently how I’ve trained my brain to work. I would spend every day taking pictures if I could.

3. Relationships. My family is the most important thing to me. It makes me sad everyday that I’m not with them. I hate missing things in the lives of my nieces and nephews, nothing makes me more sad in the world than the thought that they might forget me. My friends are usually as close to me that they might as well be family. I am fiercely loyal, so once you’re in, you’re in forever (assuming you don’t do anything really, really REALLY stupid). I am a firm believer in quality over quantity, and I have some of the highest quality friends.

4. Sleep. I’m pretty passionate about napping.

5. Sports and music. These two tie. They are both things that I love and am passionate about, but am not good at. I guess that’s not totally true, I am sort of athletic. But I’m not sure I’m motivated or competitive enough to be really good at sports. I like to play, and I tend to do okay, but I’m by no means anywhere close to being fantastic at them. But, I do absolutely love to watch sports. Football, soccer, hockey, basketball, you name it, and I probably watch it (and needless to say I love the Olympics). And music; I love music. I love the radio (okay, not really, I like itunes, radio stations kill songs and play too many commercials), I love live music, and I love musicians. But, if there was ever a job or hobby in the world that I should avoid, it would (sadly) be music. I have zero rhythm, and nobody would ever pay to hear me sing.

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Day 7: Workin’ for the Weekend (what is your dream job, and why)

My dream job is working on a concert tour as the photographer. That is why I am in LA, to hopefully figure out how to make this dream a reality (possibly making some headway on that, so keep me in your thoughts!). I obviously have certain bands that I’d rather work with/for (NSYNC reunion!), but I’d be open to pretty much anyone. Ideally my job would consist of me taking pictures of the band while they are on tour, not only during shows, but also just in everyday things, and then blogging about it.

Why is this my dream job? Because it combines basically all of my favorite things. Taking pictures, live music and traveling. And, I think I’d be perfect for it.

My heart was meant to be on the road. I’m just a wanderer. I love road trips, and that is basically what a tour is. It is a summer (or fall) road trip. And sometimes, if the band is popular enough, the road trip extends to planes and you get to go across the world. And that would be perfect.

For anyone that knows me I’m sure it is no surprise at all that my dream job has something to do with taking pictures. That’s all I really want to do with my life. I can not see any other career in which I will be happy. All I want to do it take pictures. It’s what I’m good at and it’s what I love.

And concerts are my favorite thing. I’ve expressed multiple times that I am a concert junkie. I just love them so much. So getting to see one every night (even if it was the same band) would be a dream come true.

*Honorable mention: photographer for Sport Illustrated. For obvious reasons, getting to take pictures and getting to go to sporting events everyday.

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Joe Jonas = Sell out

Joe Jonas’s first solo album, Fastlife, releases tomorrow and you would think I’d be over-joyed about this, right? Wrong. I’m even debating on not buying the album at all. No, the world is not ending, nobody panic. Just hear me out…

It has a parental advisory.

But seriously, who does he think he is? Collaborating on a song with Lil’ Wayne? He has no business doing that; their audiences are not similar at all. Like, seriously. Not. At. All. I don’t want any of my nieces listening to Lil’ Wayne’s vulgarity.  It’s inappropriate and they don’t need him to darken their world and expose their minds all his, for lack of a better word, crap. And I think parents need to seriously consider this advisory before they allow their children to listen to the album. And he should have thought it through as well. I can almost promise you that over half of his album sales will come from children under the age of 18. I know that he’s 22 and he’s growing up, and he has a right to say and do what he wants, but it seems a little ungrateful to me. Without these kids, there would be no Joe Jonas solo album, and now he’s gone and alienated them. Even if he wants to fight it or deny it, he is a role model; and he is someone that children idolize. He needs to be more careful about his word and actions.

Even if you exclude his younger fans, his target audience is (generally) not a group of people who would listen to Lil’ Wayne, and they’re not a group of people who listens to things that require a parental advisory. I know that I sure don’t listen to Lil’ Wayne, and I don’t appreciate music that is offensive. There are ways to make good music without having to be outrageous (trust me, Hanson’s been doing it for years).

The thing that upsets me the most about this whole album debacle is that he is a self-professed Christian (his father is an ordained Assemblies of God Minister, no less)! What a huge disappointment to Christians everywhere who thought they finally had someone mainstream to showcase their values and prove that we aren’t all highly religious sticks in the mud (a BIG misconception). This album (what I’ve heard of it) doesn’t promote wholesome values. In fact, it almost glorifies the opposite of those values. It makes him look like a hypocrite, which, though it shouldn’t, will reflect on Christians as a whole.

I have two words for Joe Jonas: sell. out.

I’ve pretty much lost all respect for this boy whom I used to love. Maybe this seems a little bit harsh, but I am just really disappointed in someone who I thought was good influence.

Feel free to listen to the whole album here: Joe Jonas Official Youtube Channel.

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