Just like a tattoo, I’ll always have you

Yes, except it’s not like a tattoo, it is a tattoo. Believe it or not, I did actually get a tattoo. A week ago. Nothing crazy huge, or very detailed, but I got one and I love it, and that’s what matters.

Tara and I (you know my best friend? you can read her blog here) have sort of been planning this for months. We were talking about it last January, and then we realllllly talked about getting them while we were on vacation in June (and after reading what you are advised not to do with a new tattoo, I’m glad we didn’t because I did pretty much everything on the do not do list over that week), and we finally just set the date and did it.

I was terrified. The whole day leading up to it I kept trying to get out of it. I made a short list of the things I attempted to do to get out of getting a tattoo:

1. fake demon possession

2. get drunk (they won’t give you a tattoo if you’re drunk)

3. go back to California

4. fake a heart attack

5. pull a Rachel (from One Tree Hill) and drive Tara’s car off a bridge

6. commit a serious crime, forcing me to go to prison

7. pass out

8. walk out in front of a moving car

9. throw myself backwards out of a chair(causing a concussion, forcing me to go to the ER)

10. actual demon possession

Clearly, I did none of these. Number one because some of them are scarier than getting a tattoo (yeah, I’ve seen The Exorcist, demon possession is not on my to do list), plus Tara would have seen through the whole thing. So I did it. And it wasn’t that bad.

We went to Transformations Gallery & Tattoo in downtown Springfield. We chose this place because we were sort of already familiar with it because of it’s connection to Evangel University. We’d been in the gallery and knew some people who knew the owners, so we trusted them.

Going there was the perfect decision. Our artists name was Josh Tenneson. And he was awesome. We got there early and he was still in a session with someone else. Some guy who was in the process of getting something really big and detailed on his arm, some guy who looked much tougher than us. And they didn’t say much to each other. Which kind of had me worried, because I’m sort of a “laugh your way through things” kind of person. But, Josh seemed to adapt his approach to be funny when it was our turn. He was hilarious, which made things that much easier. If was ever going to get another tattoo, I would definitely go back to Transformation, because it was clean, and all the artists are crazy talented, and they made me feel comfortable. Even if it’s after I move to my North Carolina beach house. I will fly back to Missouri.  And I will always suggest them to people I know. They were awesome.

Getting a tattoo was probably one of the most anti-climatic things of my life, but in the best way possible. It didn’t hurt at all. It wasn’t super comfortable, but it also wasn’t like dying, which what I had made it out to be in my head. I had convinced myself that it was going to feel similar to being set on fire. It wasn’t similar at all. It wasn’t bad at all. In fact, I made another list, things that are more painful than getting a tattoo:

1. getting your eyebrows waxed

2. getting your legs waxed

3. carpet burn

4. paper cuts

5. traffic in LA

6. the hiccups

7. showering with a sunburn

8. anything that happens in a dentists office

9. that awful tingly sensation that happens when one of you extremities falls asleep

10. being a Chiefs fan

Getting a tattoo was easy. And it was fun.

Oh, and here are some pictures.

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