Day 21: Somebody save me (if you could have one superpower, what would it be and what would you do with it first)

One superpower? Only one? Because I want them all. I want to be able to see the future. I want to have superhuman strength, speed, hearing, sight and smell. I want to be invisible. I want to teleport. I want to time travel. I want to be telekinetic. I want to be able to generate force fields. I want to be invincible. I want to be able to heal people. I want to be able to fly. Just to name a few.

But, I think the superpower I would most like to have would be telepathy. Mostly to be able to read peoples thoughts (I don’t know how I feel about mind control, or putting thoughts into someone’s head and all that other stuff that comes with telepathy), but only on command. I don’t just want to be hearing everyone’s thoughts buzzing around me all the time. I want to be able to turn it on and off. And I would want to be able to sift around in their brain, not just hear what they are thinking at that time, but anything that they’ve ever thought. Just think of what I could do with that!

I could get whatever job I wanted because I’d be able to contact all the right people because I’d have all the right names, and I’d probably be able to get their contact info. And then I’d be able to tell them anything they wanted to hear. I be the perfect interviewee. And I could anticipate everything that would happen, so I’d be the very best action photographer ever. “Hey, I’m going to run to this side of the stage and do this,” or “hey, I’m going to throw the ball to this person,” and I’d totally have that picture.

I’d also be able to tell when people are being real or fake with me. I’m pretty good at spotting that now, but I’d be able to know for sure. I’d know who really liked me, and who was using me. I’d be able to tell when people were lying to me. I’d be able to tell if a guy was into me or not in an instant instead of having to play silly games. I’d get to know what kind of first impressions I make. I think it would help me figure out a lot about myself, because I’d get to see me the way others see me, and they wouldn’t be able to sugar coat things.

And, think of how much easier that would make stalking people! Seriously, I could do so much with that power.

Mind reading is closely followed by teleportation. That would definitely be my second choice. For obvious reasons.

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