Day 19: Oh the places you’ll go…(if you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?)

I want to live everywhere. I think my heart is just a wanderer. I’m never satisfied where I’m at, I’m always wanting to be somewhere else. I think that’s why I’m meant to be on tour.

If we’re staying in the USA, I think one day I’d like to live in a beach house somewhere off the coast of North Carolina (preferably not too far from Wilmington). It’s my favorite place. It’s not quite the south, but people seem to have that kind of disposition. They drink sweet tea, and eat a lot of fried chicken. It has a southern charm, and I love that. I think ultimately I’d be okay anywhere that has that southern kind of charm. Or in Montana.

I’d live to have houses all of the world, but mostly in these three countries:

Italy, but not in one of the big cities, definitely in a little Italian village. Somewhere with cute cobblestone sidewalks, and with family-owned shoppes and restaurants.

Australia/New Zealand. It’s beautiful down under. I hear the locals are super friendly (not to mention super attractive and have the coolest accents). I can definitely see myself spending a year or so there just working at a surf shack.

Iceland. The best kept secret of the world. This is seriously my favorite island ever. The people are kind and lovely, and it basically runs on it’s own time schedule. They are peaceful, they live longer, and it has some beautiful scenery: waterfalls, glaciers, mountains, black sand beaches, the Blue Lagoon, geysers. There is a for real chance that I will move there one day.

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