Day 17: Dance magic dance (what is the thing you most wish you were great at)

I wish I could dance. I love every kind of dancing, waltzes, hip-hop, tango, ballet, “freestyle,” salsa, all of them. Dance movies (and movies where there is lots of dancing) are the bomb. HSM (all three of them). Save the Last Dance. Dirty Dancing. Step Up. Honey. Hair Spray. Stop the Yard. Footloose. I turn green watching dancers. Unfortunately, I have absolutely no dance skills. Like, none at all. I can’t even really sway very well. It’s because I have no rhythm. But, I love to dance, so the fact that I can’t is tragic (but highly humorous for anyone who has ever seen me bust a move). I’ve tried to learn, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I will probably never learn. It’s impossible. If I’m ever famous, semi-famous, or have enough money, I will beg and cry, and possibly bribe the big time ABC executives to put me on “Dancing with the Stars” (and then hope they partner me with Derek Hough or Mark Ballas).

I just want to dance.

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