I’d paint you a picture, write you a song, and I’d do it all over if I did it all wrong.

My current obsession: Hunter Hayes. I bought his album on a whim last October when it released and I have always loved it, but every once in a while, it becomes this album that I can’t stop listening to, and that time is now. I sort of love blasting it from my car while I’m stuck in traffic on Sunset Blvd. (People in LA just don’t appreciate country music.)

How ridiculously talented is this kid? He wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs on his album, he co-produced it…and on top of that, he played every single instrument on the album, that’s 30 + instruments.  What that heck? Who does that??  It’s crazy. I got to see him this past fall (briefly), when he opened for Taylor Swift’s Speak Now World Tour stop in St. Louis, and he was so engaging and entertaining. He is just fantastic.

He is a country artist. Like real country.  It’s even borderline that I would like him because he is country country. He’s got some blues influences, and because he’s young he’s got somewhat of a newer country-pop sound too, but there overall feel of his music is straight up country. He’s probably about as country as I’ll get. His songs are, for the most part, sweet. The kid is only 20-years-old, but his songs are not bubblegum, and they’re not silly and superficial. They are written with artistry well beyond his years. His lyrics are clever, innocent and real. They are also age appropriate. There’s nothing in there that I wouldn’t listen to with any of my nieces.

Plus, he is freaking doll. Blond hair, blue eyes, baby face. He’s cute as a button. He has all the makings of a superstar. Charisma, real talent and good looks, he’s going to be huge. He’s going to be sleeper success; no one is going to even see it coming.

Seriously, he's a doll.

This kid has more talent in his pinky finger then most people in the music industry, and yet, he’s remained relatively unknown. Sure, he’s fairly popular in the country music world (as I like to say, he’s the Justin Bieber of country music), but he’s not like a huge commercial success. Which is sad. When people like Nicki Minaj are huge, and people like Hunter are not, there is something seriously wrong. Regardless of whether you like country music or not, you at least have to see how this that’s a problem. When someone who writes, produces, and plays every instrument invented is relatively unknown, and someone who can’t sing, write or even dress herself is vastly popular, there is a problem in the industry.

Listen to Hunter’s debut album here. And if you really love it (which if you like country music, you should) go buy it on iTunes, or if you’re like me, and you like have hard copies of things go pick it up at Target, or BestBuy, or Wal*Mart, anywhere, just go buy it. Check out his website: www.hunterhayes.com and you can follow Hunter on twitter at @HunterHayes.

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