I’m just a girl, trying to find a place in this world

I’ve been slacking off on my blog responsibilities, but that’s only because I’ve been trying to be a responsible adult. And find a place to live. And find a job. One down, one to go.

As I get settled in (hopefully), I’ll try to be more frequent about posting. I won’t make any promises, because sometimes I just don’t feel like I have anything important or witty to say. But I will try. I’ll also try to make things less list-y.

Apartment Life

I did find a place to live! Praise Jesus! I wandered up and down streets for hours trying to find a place. I would literally just pick a place and park my car and then walk up and down roads. I started out in Burbank and then tried NoHo (that’s North Hollywood, for those of you not as cool as me), but I couldn’t find anywhere. They were all either too expensive (let’s be honest, when you have no job, everything is expensive, but some were a little outrageous), or they were ridiculously small (and expensive), or they wanted me to sign a year lease (and were expensive). So I had absolutely no luck for 2 days. I was beginning to get frustrated.

So I started looking on Craigslist (against the advice of my mother…and almost everyone I know). I found an ad where the person seemed pretty normal, and I replied. We talked a little, and then we set up a time to meet and for me to see the apartment. And everything went great. It is a two-bedroom apartment in Burbank. We share a bathroom (and all other living quarters). My roommate’s name is Jeni (there are also two kitties that live here, CJ and Pricilla) and she’s the nicest person. She’s older than me, but I feel like she and I are very much alike. She’s kind, generous, funny, and she works in the entertainment business. She’s been in the business for 10 years, and she has a ton of great contacts (there is more to all of this, but I’m not going to post it all here, text me). So we have a lot in common, which is cool.

It seems a little odd to say it out loud, but I almost feel like this was predestined.

When she makes dinner at night, she makes enough for me (Look Mom! I won’t starve), and we eat dinner together. It’s cool. However, she is a vegetarian, which is fine, I don’t have anything against that…except for that I hate mushrooms, onions and most other cooked vegetables. But, I eat whatever she makes (mostly because I think it would be rude to say no, and partly because what else would I have to eat?). In honor of the big move (and the fact that the opportunity presented itself to me), I think I’ll try the whole vegetarian thing. I mean, who knows how long it will last, but it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

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(I’m trying to use this collage app because I just really don’t want to go into Photoshop and make my own. So forgive me if it doesn’t work correctly.)


Every time I get in my car I want to drive off a bridge. Traffic is ridiculous. There are five lanes going one direction, and not a single one of them is moving. How is this even possible? I just don’t understand. Surely one of the lanes could be moving.

Plus, everyone is always so angry. Horns honking, people yelling all the time. Nobody else seems to pay much attention to it, so I guess it’s a typical thing here, but to me, when I hear a car horn honk, my automatic reaction is to stop because obviously something is wrong. Yeah, they don’t like it when you stop (even if it’s at a stop sign).

And, there is no way I will ever be able to navigate this place without a GPS. They don’t build their roads is a normal grid-like pattern. No. They build them this way, and that way and diagonally. It’s like a freaking labyrinth just trying to get to Target. And usually my GPS wants to take me on a freeway, because it thinks it will be quicker to go that way…but I don’t always want to drive on the freeway. I would rather just drive on regular roads. But JackJack (my GPS) doesn’t understand that. So I try to find my own way. And I end up lost, and usually on a freeway (because I’m pretty sure every road eventually turns into a freeway).  Don’t even get me started on Downtown LA. It’s all a freaking nightmare.


I am fairly certain that they do not teach children manners here, and they haven’t been for over 30 years, because the adults do not have manners either. Coming from a small (southern-ish) town, where everyone tends to be very kind and polite, it’s kind of overwhelming. It’s not that everyone is rude (some people are); it’s just that people don’t go out of their way to help others. It makes me appreciate my upbringing so much more.

Job Hunt

All I want to do is go on tour. With anyone. I mean, sure I have my list of people that I want to go with, but in all reality, I’d be happy to go with anyone. But, I have no idea even where to start. It’s rough when you know what you want to do, but have no idea how to get there. I literally send out like 40 resumes a day. And I have been for the last week, and I hear nothing back. And it’s so frustrating and discouraging.

It’s frustrating because I don’t even know if people are reading my cover letter or looking at my resume because everything is done electronically. For all I know it’s being sent out into cyberspace and no one is even seeing it. I wish there was a way to physically put it in the right peoples’ hands. Like, walk up to record labels (or Ellen) and hand them my resume. It’s discouraging because I am an instant gratification type of person. And because I don’t immediately hear back from these people asking me to set up an interview, I automatically feel like a failure.

The truly terrible thing is that out here, in the field that I want to work in, it’s not even about your skills. It’s all about who you know. And I unfortunately know no one. And I have no idea how to meet the right people.

But, I will figure it out. Somehow. Even if I have to go sit outside labels for endless hours, that is what I will do.

P.s. I met two Warblers. Yeah, be jealous.

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