Guess what I did last weekend?

Went to Tulsa with Tara! (Click here to see Tara’s blog.)

Why did Tara and I go to Tulsa last weekend, you ask?


That’s right. Contrary to what everyone (and when I say everyone, I mean a lot of people) I’ve told this story to thinks, those Hanson boys are still around and making music. Good music. And they have a lot of crazy, cool, dedicated fans. And every year in their native land of Tulsa, Oklahoma (where the wind comes sweeping down the plains) they celebrate what is known as Hanson Day (May 6th, for those wondering)! Where they host lots of special events for their adoring public, all culminating with a special concert on Sunday.

This is the first year Tara and I have attended, but probably won’t be the last. Along with actually getting to see Hanson, we did a lot of other fun things. We ate a lot of food; fled from the snow in Springfield; spent a lot of money (okay, I spent a lot of money). We went to the Tulsa Zoo; interacted with the youngest Hanson brother (also known as Mac); got to be apart of the new Hanson EP (everyone be sure to listen for my lovely singing voice). We stared at some pretty chocolate; bought the pretty chocolate and then were unable to eat them because of their beauty (one week later and I have only eaten one). Oh yeah, we also saw Iron Man 3.

It was off the chain (okay, ignore that lame phrase of excitement). Here are a couple pictures (because, I mean, there was so much excitement..and then there was that sign.)








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