Personal assistants, the superheroes of the real world

So, while I’ve been searching for a paying job (internships are great, but they don’t pay my bills), I’ve been looking through A LOT of want adds, and I’ve been noticing that people are needy and cheap.

They want one person to be able to to everything. Do they realize that people go to school to learn to be excellent at one thing? Like, if I had gone to school to be dental assistant, they aren’t going to teach me how to work Photoshop, but yet that seems to be what is expected out everyone. Which seems a little silly to me. How can you expect someone to do everything when you obviously don’t know how to everything?

You want to be a personal assistant? This is what you have know how to do: cook, drive, answer phones, answer e-mail, manage a calendar/schedule, do general errands; those are all sort of typical, and make sense. But you must also: be an expert at Photoshop and Final Cut Pro, know how to build and run a website, be an an accountant…and you absolutely must know how to pilot the space station. (And did I mention you must also be bilingual?) If you don’t know these things you can not be a personal assistant. Um, I don’t know if anyone told you, but a person assistant position is not one that is suppose to require a lot of knowledge, it’s sort of the bottom of the totem pole.

Excuse me? How can you expect someone to have all of these skills? You need an entire team to do all of those things effectively. And odds are if someone tells you they know how to do all these things, they are lying to you. And if they do know how to do them, they don’t know how to do them all well, so things are going to get sloppy. It just frustrates me.

People are so cheap that heaven forbid they hire multiple people to do multiple jobs. They want to hire one person to do everything, and then pay that one person minimum wage for doing the job of a superhero. This is why quality of work goes down.

And those demanding people will have no one to blame but themselves when everything around them starts to fray and unravel. There is only so much one person can do. So unless you hire Clark Kent as your personal assistant, be prepared for failure.

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