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“It’s not a gun control problem; it’s a cultural control problem.” Bob Barr

So, generally I try to stay away from all types of political debates. I don’t get involved in presidential debates, I won’t give you my opinion on the candidates unless you specifically ask me, and even then I usually try to change the subject. I also try to not speak up too much about policy debates either. Yes, I have strong opinions, but I am also aware that those are just mine and that nobody else has to agree with them.

But sometimes there comes a topic where I can’t help but give my two cents. Mostly this blog is for my own benefit. If I don’t say something somewhere I’m going to start commenting on everyone’s facebook statuses (stati?) and replying to everyone and their mom on twitter…and that would not lead to anywhere good.

First, I just want to express my deepest sympathies to those who lost loved ones in the shooting during The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Co. This was such a senseless tragedy. Those people who lost loved ones have been given such an unfair circumstance. No one should have to lose anyone so abruptly and unexpectedly. For their loss, I am sorry. I also can’t help by feel a little sorry for the boy-shooter and his family. I can’t imagine what would have to be going on in someones brain for them to open fire on innocent people. What kind of horrors, real or imaginary (which in my opinion could almost be scarier), would this boy have to go through to decide that this was a good idea? Yes, he should be held responsible, but he is also to be pitied. The families of the victims should be in our prayers, but remember that the shooter was also a victim and that his family should be thought of as well.

Now, onto what has really been bugging me. Guns don’t kills people. Have you ever seen a gun act on it’s own accord and shoot someone? Because I haven’t. People kill people. People kill people all kinds of ways. With guns, with knifes, with cars, even with their bare hands.

I keep seeing people say that they should take guns away from people and that would significantly lower murder rates. Yes, it would lower the murder-by-gun rates. But, people are clever (unfortunately, especially psychopaths), and if you take their access to guns away they will just find another way to kill people. I haven’t done my research, but I’d be willing to bet that the most common unnatural cause of death is by car wreck. Are you going to take cars away because cars kill people? No, that would be silly. I read a report this morning that the gunman identified himself to police as “The Joker.” Clearly this is a Batman reference. He killed all those people because he thought he was a bad guy from a movie. Are you going to blame the movie for their deaths?  Are you going to ban movies from the public? Because if you take away guns because they kill people you must also take away cars, movies and just about everything else in the world.

I agree that there should be gun safety laws. Yes, you should have to pass a test to get a gun. No, you shouldn’t be able to just walk into a sporting good store and buy one. And no, you shouldn’t be able have Ak-47s or whatever, but you can’t take guns away all together. Or make it as difficult and tracking down a Horcrux to get one.

People can’t keep blaming tragedies on inanimate objects. That’s just an excuse. People have got to start taking responsibility. Society has made it so easy to just blame video games, movies and the weapon for tragedy, when really we should be placing the blame somewhere else. That shooter is going to have to take responsibilities for his actions. He shot those people. The gun didn’t do it. The Joker didn’t do it. He did.

So there it is. I’m sure that some of my conservative friends will definitely disagree with me. But, before you think about arguing with me, you better come prepared with a story where a gun has shot someone all by itself.

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Holding out for a hero

I recently saw The Avengers (judging from it’s box office numbers, I’m not the only one), and I loved it. Not enough to go see it again (or at least not until it goes to the $3 theater), but I appreciated it’s epic-ness. It was non-stop. And I love movies like that. I love movies where you never know what point you’re at in the story because it’s just constant action. Constantly engaging. There’s no real beginning, middle, or end. I think it did a great job of bringing together all the different superheroes. I loved the whole cast and their dynamics together. (I think they’ve finally found a winner in Mark Ruffalo. No more changing Hulks.) Watching The Avengers makes me wonder just when DC Comics will be putting together a Justice League movie. I think they’ve got a ways to go seeing as I’ve only ever seen (that I remember) two Justice League characters in movies (Batman and Superman).

There is just something special about heroes, at least in my opinion. They’re a dying breed. Why is that so many guys basically worship these fictional characters, but yet none of them want to act like them? Why are there so many Situations and Pauly Ds in the world, but few Clark Kents or Steve Rogers’? I think it’s because it is hard to be a hero. It takes courage, and integrity, and selflessness. Sometimes doing the right thing does not make you cool, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it anyway. You don’t have to have out of this world powers to be a hero, you just have to have an out of this world heart.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.” – Christopher Reeve

Hats off to all those men out there who are heroes; the men who sacrifice so much to serve our country, who keep our streets safe, who rush into burning buildings, and those who adore the women in their life and who spend time with their children.  (Not saying that women are any better at being heroes, or that that is not something we should also strive for, that’s just not what this post is about.)

And now, to the real point of the blog: my top 5 favorite superheroes. Typically girls don’t have these lists because typically they don’t care. I, however, am no typical girl, and therefore do have a top 5 superheroes list (really I love most superheroes, I’m pretty sure I own ever superhero movie there is, but I do have my favorites).

1.    Superman (Clark Kent)

Superman will always be my favorite superhero, for obvious reasons. I mean, he’s freaking Superman. You don’t get much more heroic than that. He can do it all. He’s the man of steel. Faster than a speeding bullet. Supersonic hearing. Heat and x-ray vision. And he can fly. He’s the ultimate superhero.

I am sure that my love for him also comes from my love of the TV show Smallville. I faithfully watched that show all 10 seasons (and now I faithfully re-watch that show on dvd). I just love Clark Kent. He’s funny, smart, and kind. Clark always does what’s best. He’s a true gentleman, but at the same time he kind of has a bit of an ornery streak. And Tom Welling was seriously the best Clark Kent/Superman. I mean, he even had Christopher Reeve’s approval. I am a little frustrated with Warner Bros for not casting Tom Welling as Superman for the new Man of Steel movie after the Smallville finale. It would have worked so perfectly. (However, I did hear that Tom Welling turned down the role, so I guess I can’t lay WB with all the blame. I also heard that there may be a Smallville movie in the works, which would be ideal for me. Then I’d get to keep all my beloved characters.) I just really love Clark Kent/Superman.

2.    Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Captain America is my second favorite superhero simply because of his heart. He starts out as this little guy who gets beat up all the time, but in the end becomes a beacon of righteousness to everyone. He gets beat up, but he still stands up for what he believes in. Captain America/Steve Rogers never loses his moral center. He never thinks of himself and always does the right thing. He’s compassionate and just an all-around good guy. He is brave and chivalrous. And I love that. I’m sure it definitely doesn’t hurt that the very handsome Chris Evans plays him, either. Chris Evans must just have a superhero spirit about him. First he was in the Fantastic Four, now he’s a Captain America. It suits him.

3.    Green Arrow (Oliver Queen)

Now I know my love for this guy comes from Smallville. I’ve never even seen a comic with him in it (not that I’ve seen many comics at all), or a movie (I did hear that The CW has created a Green Arrow TV show though. No doubt trying to fill the Smallville void. Only, they didn’t cast the same Green Arrow, which is confusing, and disappointing to me). The only experience I have with him is Smallville. And that was enough for me. Green Arrow (on Smallville) is Superman’s (ehh— the Red-Blue Blur’s) right hand man, but he doesn’t quite have the same heart that Superman has. He has a bit of an attitude, which I kind of love about him (plus Oliver is very charming). I love that he’s not the perfect superhero. At his core he is a good guy, but sometimes his attitude gets the best of him and he doesn’t do the right thing. Sometimes he makes bad decisions, but he learns from them.  (Once again, I am sure that it doesn’t hurt that Justin Hartley, the guy portrays Oliver Queen, happens to be very good-looking.)

4.    Green Lantern (Hal Jordan)

Why does it seem like there are so many ‘green’ superheroes? Is there some kind of significance with the color green that I am just not geeky enough to understand? Anyways, Green Lantern is pretty cool. And for once, I’m not basing my love of him off the movie, which was kind of lame (except for the fact that Ryan Reynolds play Hal Jordan, that’s not lame at all). I’m basing my love of him off his powers. How cool is it that he can create anything with his mind? I think next to being Superman, this is the coolest power.

5.    Iron Man (Tony Stark)

I really just love Tony Stark. Or should I say, I love the Tony Stark that Robert Downey Jr. portrays. He is hilarious! He is sarcastic and arrogant and mean, and I am just greatly amused by him. He’s so quick-witted and snarky. And I love it. I don’t really have an opinion on Iron Man, I mean I suppose he’s okay, I really just love Tony Stark’s obnoxiousness, so that’s why he gets a place on this list.

Who are your favorite superheroes and why?

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